About Us

JIUKANG Electric is a Sino-US joint venture that specializes in the development, production, and distribution of electric power products. As a trusted Chinese manufacturer, we offer a wide range of products including the motor capacitor, fan capacitor, low voltage shunt capacitor, etc. Also available are the soft starter, float switch, power inverter, vacuum circuit breaker, reactive power compensation controller, and various capacitor switching devices.

Incorporated in 1993, we have since been committed to the technical advancement of the domestic industry. In 2008, we invested substantially in the construction of a modern production line for the processing of special high voltage devices such as the shunt capacitor, integrated capacitor, filtration capacitor, pulse capacitor, and protective capacitor. These high-quality products enhance our competitiveness on the market while effectively bolstering the sustainability of company development.

Our company is certified by the ISO9001 International Quality Management System and ISO14001 International Environment Management System. JIUKANG products are approved by CE, UL, CCC, CQC, and RoHS. In 2008, JIUKANG became a "Famous Trademark of China".

We have a technical taskforce that consists of more than 20 senior engineers. The fusion of foreign equipment and technology allow us to establish a sound quality management system. Each stage of the manufacturing cycle is strictly regulated to ensure the consistency of product quality.

JIUKANG is headquartered within the Wuniu Industrial Zone of Wenzhou city. We are nestled at the intersection of Wenzhou Bridge, State Road 104, and the Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Expressway. The Wenzhou airport and railway station are no more than a dozen kilometers away. This convenient logistics grid allows us to make deliveries promptly. Most of our products are exported overseas. Our devices have found destinations in more than 50 countries and regions worldwide including Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Africa, Brazil, Bulgaria, Venezuela, etc. The JIUKANG brand is popular in most Middle Eastern and Asian countries.