1. JK-70AB Float SwitchThe JK-70AB float switch is applicable to the automatic water level control of water tower, water box, swimming pool, and others in the industrial and mining enterprises as well as civil architecture. It is characterized by high sensitivity, fast response, accurate control, and practicality, which is an essential product for using water in hotels, factories, apartments, and other high-rise buildings.
    1. JK-M15 Float SwitchThe JK-M15 float switch is able to output stable and reliable switch control signals of "making" and "breaking" without any faulty actions, showing high reliability and strong anti-interference.
    1. JK-PP Float SwitchMax. Contact Capacity :10VA DC/AC
      Initial Contact Resistance : 150mΩ (Max.)
      Switching Voltage : 200VDC
      Max. Voltage : 100V DC/AC
    1. JK-XX Float SwitchThe JK-XX float switch product is widely applied in the industrial and mining enterprises as well as civil architecture for automatic water level control of pools, water towers, and water boxes. It has the advantages of sensitive response, accurate control, novelty and practicality, so it is a necessary water supply product in homes, hotels, factories, and other high-rise buildings.

Float Switch

Connected to an electric pump through an electric cable, the float switch is used for the auto-control and no-water protection of the water towers and pools.

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