1. High Voltage Shunt CapacitorOur high voltage shunt capacitor can withstand surge up to 100 times the rated current. The times of such surging impact should not exceed 1000, among which some happen when the temperature inside the capacitor is less than 0℃ and greater than the minimum allowable temperature.
    1. Induction Heating CapacitorThe induction heating capacitor is mainly used in the inductive heating system to increase power factor or improve circuit characteristics. The performance of RWM and RFM types of water-cooled style and full-film product conform to JB7110-93, "Capacitor for Electric Heating Installations", and IEC 60110 (1998), "Capacitors for Inductive Heat Generating Plants Operating at Frequencies between 40Hz and 24000Hz".
    1. Energy SaverThree wires come out of a non-metallic connector of the PU2000 home energy saver. This equipment can be installed as follows.
    1. Local Reactive Power CompensatorJIUKANG brand local reactive power compensator is an energy-saving product developed based on the self-healing type shunt capacitor. It is mounted beside the inductive load and connected in parallel with the inductive load locally to increase the power factor, reduce line loss, increase the supply voltage of the end load, and explore the supply potential of the distribution system.
    1. Power Compensation Capacitor Bank JiukangTM TBB0.4 series reactive power compensation capacitor bank is a revolutionary electricity saving product developed independently by our company with reference to the structure and features of similar products in the world. It is equipped with a microcomputer control system, which can automatically compensate the reactive power through intellectualized track.
    1. Low Voltage Series ReactorThis CKSG series of dry type iron core series-connected reactor is used in the low voltage reactive power compensating cabinet. It is connected in series with the capacitor. When there are a large number of harmonic source in the low voltage system, such as rectifier, conversion device, etc., the harmonics produced by these devices will affect the safe running of other electric equipment.
    1. Soft StarterHigh power inner bypass design is the main advantage of the LZR1. This design avoids many problems which occur in the design of outer bypass design. It simplifies the primary circuitry of the soft starter and makes it very easy to install the device. This inner bypass design also makes the secondary circuitry easy for users to master.
    1. Power Inverter 1. Use standard 32-bit DSP special chipset, non-PG vector control
      2. Freely adjustable V/F curve, with automatically steady voltage output
      3. Auto/manual torque boost
      4. Special dead zone compensation function, ensuring high torque output at low frequency
    1. Vacuum Circuit BreakerThis product is designed and developed by introducing technology from Switzerland ABB company and integrating national research and development capability. The switching body and the operating mechanism are integrated together.

High Voltage Capacitor & Other Electrical Equipment

This series of products are used in the power system of power frequency to increase power factor, reduce line loss, and improve voltage quality.

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