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Power Compensation Capacitor Bank

General Description
JiukangTM TBB0.4 series reactive power compensation capacitor bank is a revolutionary electricity saving product developed independently by our company with reference to the structure and features of similar products in the world. It is equipped with a microcomputer control system, which can automatically compensate the reactive power through intellectualized track.

Basic Principles
The automatic reactive power compensation controller samples the reactive current of the power grid. Then, the microcomputer inside the controller analyzes the sampled current data and transmits the control signal to the output relay. The relay controls the special contactor of CJ19 type in the compensation cabinet, so as to control the switching of the BSMJ0.4 serial self-healing type low voltage shunt capacitor, achieving the purposes of reducing line loss and improving voltage quality.

Main Technical Indexes
1. Service conditions: Altitude≤2000m, ambient temperature -25℃~45℃, humidity≤90% at 20℃ and ≤50% at 40℃, and mounting gradient≤5°.
2. Rated voltage: 400VAC, 220VAC, 50/60Hz.
3. Rated output: 22.5, 36, 40, 60, 72, 90, 120, 140, 180, 220, 375 Kvar
4. Operating voltage range: 0.85~1.10 times the rated voltage
5. Maximum allowable current: 1.30 times the rated current
6. Number of circuits controlled: 4, 6
7. Switching time: 30~90s/time, adjustable
8. Operation method: Automatic, continuous operation
9. When the load varies from 5% to 100%, the value of cosΦ remains over 0.95.

Main Features
1. This capacitor bank is specially designed for reactive power compensation of three-phase transformer with rated voltage of 380V and capacity of 50~1000KVA.
2. Small size facilitates installation and maintenance.
3. Controlled by microcomputer and adopting automatic compensation mode, this device has complete functions and reliable performance.
4. LED digital display shows the power factor of the power grid and the display range is from lagging (0.00~0.99) to leading (0.00~0.99).
5. The values of cosΦ, delay and over-voltage can be set through the three functional set keys on the panel keyboard and shown on the digital display. Concise man-machine dialogue makes operation very easy.
6. Our reactive power compensation capacitor bank has over-voltage protection function. The over-voltage set value has been set at 420V in the factory. Users can reset it between 400V and 450V according to their own needs. When the power grid voltage exceeds the set value, the cosΦ digital meter changes automatically to show the present voltage value. At the same time, the capacitors which have been switched on are switched off quickly and step by step. Once the voltage returns to normal, our product will automatically work again.
7. This reactive power compensation capacitor bank has strong anti-jamming capability. It can resist interference pulse, which is input directly through the power line, as high as 2000V. This exceeds national special standard.

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