High Voltage Shunt Capacitor

Structural Characteristics
Our high voltage shunt capacitor uses double piece thickened polypropylene film to keep good impregnation. Its components are designed with edge fold convex structure to reduce partial discharge and improve polarity board insulation’s electric field distribution.

Crimped porcelain bushing with high strength and high hermetically sealed performance is used for the high voltage capacitor. The bushing and case is welded by argon arc welding process, ensuring higher mechanical strength and hermetically sealed characteristics. The case is made of stainless steel plate, with shot blasting treatment and then painting by robots, enabling a beautiful and corrosion resistant surface.

The shunt capacitor comes with a highly reliable inner fuse which has great ampere-time characteristics and reliable action

The high voltage shunt capacitor is suitable for use in the power system of power frequency (50 or 60Hz) to increase the power factor, reduce line loss, and improve voltage quality.

1. The relative error between the capacitance and the rated value should not exceed -5%~+5% of the latter.
2. For the three-phase capacitor, the ratio of maximum and minimum capacitances between any two phase terminals should not exceed 1.08.
3. For the full film capacitor, loss tangent should not exceed 0.0005; for the film and paper mixed capacitor, the value should not exceed 0.0012.
4. The product should withstand 2.15UN AC or 4.3UN DC between terminals. During the test duration of 10 seconds, no breakdown or flashover should occur.
5. AC voltage test between terminal and shell: all capacitors whose terminals are all insulated from outer shell should meet the requirements of clause 18.1 in the standard of GB/711024.1-2010: during the test, no breakdown or flashover should happen.
6. In order to extend the service life, the capacitor should run under voltage not exceeding ratings.
7. This product is allowed to work under steady over-current, which is caused by rising voltage and high harmonics and is not greater than 1.3IN, for a long period of time. For the product with maximum positive deviation, the permissible over-current reaches 1.37IN. However, in order to extend the service life, the capacitor should work under rated current.
8. Our high voltage shunt capacitor can withstand surge up to 100 times the rated current. The times of such surging impact should not exceed 1000, among which some happen when the temperature inside the capacitor is less than 0℃ and greater than the minimum allowable temperature.
9. This product has built-in discharge resistor. After the capacitor is disconnected from the power grid, the voltage between terminals should fall down to 75V or lower within 10 minutes.
10. The high voltage shunt capacitor, with rated voltage of more than 1000V, complies with national standard GB/T11024.1-2010, equivalent to IEC871-1.

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