1. Automatic Reactive Power Compensation ControllerThe automatic reactive power compensation controller is an auxiliary product for the low voltage capacitive screen. According to the different demands of users, our company has successfully developed the JKL5C, JKW58, RRCF, JKW9F, and JKW5C types of intelligent controllers. Number of the channels controlled is 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12.
    1. Intelligent Reactive Power Compensation ControllerOur product adopts LED, LCD and buttons for operation. It can be connected with an intelligent power capacitor through the communication port. Control parameters cover voltage, current, power factor, and reactive power. Adopting a new reactive power algorithm, our reactive power compensation controller is especially suitable for use in occasions where power factor changes greatly, switching is not frequent, and high control accuracy is required.
    1. Power Capacitor Switching DeviceThe JKCN series power capacitor switching device is mainly used for switching on/off low voltage power capacitor in the reactive power compensation system with rated voltage of AC 220V or 380V and frequency of 50Hz-60Hz. It is characterized by low loss, high stability, high reliability, no noise, and no switching surge current.
    1. Non-Contact Switch for Shunt CapacitorThe KCS series non-contact switch is able to switch on/off power shunt capacitor quickly. It is composed of the large - power inversely shunt thyristor module, isolation circuit, trigger circuit, synchronization circuit, protection circuit and drive circuit. It is provided with switch on/off terminals. The logic control voltage is 0V for switching off and 12V for on.
    1. AC Capacitor Switching ContactorThe CJ19 series AC capacitor switching contactor is used for switching on and off self-healing type low voltage shunt capacitor with the rated capacitor up to 60kvar for the purpose of improving power factor in the electric power system of AC50Hz and rated working voltage of 380V.

Automatic Reactive Power Compensation Controller & Capacitor Switching Device

This series of products are mainly used for controlling capacitor and switching capacitor in reactive power compensation system with the rated frequency of 50-60Hz.

Applications of Reactive Power Compensation Controller
Reactive power compensation device used in the electronic power supply system is responsible for raising power factor, reducing loss of transformer and transmission line, improving power supply efficiency and environment. This shows that it plays an indispensable role in the power supply system. The auto reactive power compensation controller is a specialized control unit used in the low voltage power distribution system for compensating reactive power. It can be used with a variety of capacitors with the voltage of less than 400V.

This reactive power controller is provided with RS485 communication interface. Through this interface, data obtained in sampling including voltage, current, frequency, active power, reactive power, power factor, temperature, etc. can be transmitted to other external devices.

To meet the requirements from different customers, Jiukang Electric has developed a various models of smart controller for reactive power compensation such as JKW58, JKW5C, RPCF, JKL5C, etc. The number of compensating capacitor that they can is available in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16.

In virtue of microcomputer control, this reactive power compensation controller offers advanced technology, perfect functions and strong capacity of resisting disturbance. Additionally, it runs stably and reliable, and features high compensating precision. Plus attractive appearance, this product is becoming the preferred choice for capacitive touch screen manufacturers.

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