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Low Voltage Shunt Capacitor, Power Capacitor

The BGMJ series low voltage shunt capacitor is a gas type dry self-healing product built in an aluminium can. It has small size, long service life, and high AC load capacity. Because of the gas dry construction, it can be installed in any position. The dielectric consists of low loss metallized polypropylene film and protective gas. Motor starting and moving capacitor can be supplied.

Main Features
1. Compact Structure and Light Weight
The volume and weight of this shunt capacitor are respectively only 1/4 and 1/5 of the traditional product because of the use of new dielectric metallized polypropylene film.

2. Low Loss
The power capacitor comes with an extremely low loss that is less than 0.10%. In addition, the heat it produces is little and temperature rise is low. Therefore, it can serve for a long time while saving energy.

3. Excellent Self-Healing Ability
Dielectric that is damaged caused by over-voltage can be self-healed quickly and return to normal state. So, the plastic film capacitor boasts much higher reliability.

4. Safety
Built-in self-discharge resistor and safety equipment. The self-discharge resistor can automatically discharge the electric energy the capacitor carries. If there is any fault with the capacitor, the safety equipment will cut off power in time, thus preventing against further troubles.

5. No Oil Leakage
The capacitor uses advanced semi-solid impregnant whose drip melting point is more than 70. There will be no oil leakage during use of the power capacitor. So, environment pollution can be avoided and the capacitor itself dose not have to run the risk of invalidation caused by oil leakage.

Main Technical Parameters
Standard reference GB12747-2004, IEC60831-96, UL810-95
Using conditions -25℃~+50℃
Humidity ≤ 90 % RH
Altitude ≤ 2000m
Over-voltage permitted 1.1Un, 8h/d
1.3Un, 1min
Un denotes the rated voltage
Over-current permitted 1.3In, In denotes the rated current
Impact current ≤ 300In
Allowable offset on reactive-load power -5~+10%
Loss angle tangent (at rated power frequency voltage) tgδ≤ 0.0015
Dielectric loss ≤ 0.25W/kvar
Testing voltage Between poles: 2.15Un, 10s
Between pole and housing: 3000V AC, 60s

Related Names
Plastic Film Capacitor | Power Correction Capacitor | Energy Stored Unit

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