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InCBB Fan Capacitor

The CBB capacitor is used for the start and operation of single-phase motor in a 50 or 60Hz AC power system. It is especially suitable for the fan motor.

1. Self-healing
2. Small size
3. Canned epoxy impregnated structure
4. Reliable electric performance

Rated voltage 250~450VAC
Rated capacitance 1F ~24F
Executive standard GB36671-997
Climate type 40/70/21
Capacitance tolerance ±5%
Input resistance ≥ 3000MΩ
Dielectric dissipation factor tgδ≤ 0.002 (50Hz-100Hz)
Service Requirements
Altitude ≤ 2000m
Residual voltage while loading < 10% of the rated voltage
Allowed max. voltage < 1.1 time the rated voltage
Permissible max. current < 1.3 time the rated current

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